Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Nappa Charm Nappa Charm Nappa Charm....

Recently, many readers have emailed me to clarify on the various sizes of Miu Miu Nappa Charm. To avoid confusion, I am posting all Nappa Charm sizes which I have come across so far.

1) Single handle Large Nappa Charm - larger than the classic size and pyramidal in shape

*Photo credit: The Purse Forum
2) Double handle Medium Nappa Charm - from the past season, shorter and wider than the classic size

3) Small Nappa Charm - opening is narrower than the classic size and more pyramidal in shape but size wise is not very much smaller than the classic one

4) Classic Nappa Charm - colours available at the moment: red, light brown/dark beige, green, black, white, blue, grey and dark brown

5) Mini Nappa Charm - cutie mini Nappa Charm is one size smaller than the classic Nappa Charm and similar in shape (will post picture once I see it physically in Europe)

I have also received quite a number of enquiries on Miu Miu bags in sapphire (zaffiro) colour. Just to clarify, this colour is really something from the past season and only available if boutiques are still stocking some of these older batches.
Nonetheless, like what I always mention, whatever that is available now may not be there weeks down the road but on the positive side, whatever that is unavailable at the moment may be available again!
Hope the information helps in better deciding the item you are looking for!

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