Sunday, August 16, 2009

Paris-Moscou Craze

Has the Paris-Moscow fever subsided? It's not over yet for some. This week alone, I still received enquiries on the Paris-Moscow collection including the Matrioshka doll range. I have no Matrioshka dolls from Chanel. I do have the real ones though, which was brought home during my visit to Moscow some time ago.

The set of Russian Matrioska stacking doll which I brought home from Moscow some time back...

Yes, that's a piece of pre-fall 2.55 tote in Burgundy sitting as the background of the Matrioshka Dolls. This is probably the last piece from the Paris-Moscow collection which I will put up for sale. Undoubtedly, I have contemplated for the longest time if I should part with this piece of tote. Burgundy is my most favourite colour for the pre-fall release followed by gold!

I almost wanted to display it in the cabinet together with the Matrioshka dolls! Luxpurse is pricing the tote at less than S$ 4 K, brand new of course!! I have not checked out the price at local boutique but was told it's more than S$5K or so? Readers who are interested to bring home this piece of Burgundy tote, feel free to drop me an email at

PS: I am giving out this set of Matrioshka dolls for the new owner of this tote! :)

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Finally, I am able to catch the expression of this little Matrioshka after multiple attempts. Don't you think she looks just so innocent?

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