Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Fashion Asia Part II

In the subsequent episodes, Keith Png brought us to Taipei. A renowned fashion designer, Huang Shu Chi @ Kiki, was featured in this episode. Amongst her designs shown, this piece of chiffon toga in light marine caught my attention. Toga fashion is inspired by the ancient Rome where a piece of long, garment was wrapped around the body and only worn by men in the past. Look, how modern fashion designers have brilliantly transformed these togas into some of the runway collections we see today.

Left: Huang Shu Chi Toga Dress from S/S 2009
Right: Greco-Roman Toga

I am clueless as to the pricing but if this piece of toga were to go on sale, I believe it will be a good investment as it does seem appropriate to be worn as a maternity dress too!
Another piece as modelled during the show was this piece of evening dress which appears rather common at the first glance from the front view but absolutely sexy from the side and back! So if you have a tiny waist to show off, this is definitely a piece to consider!

You can find more of Huang Shu Chi's collection at http://www.huangshuchi.com/

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