Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Balenciaga Pre-Order

I specialize in Chanel but recently, I have received a number of requests on Balenciaga pre-orders. So for this trip, I will be taking in more orders for Bal! :) Here's a list of revised pricing. Kindly read this link before you email your enquiries or place your pre-orders. Thank you!

*Note: Luxpurse will hunt down the pre-ordered item for you both in Paris & London but only upon confirmation with deposit. Availablity will not be advised before confirmation. Request to check on availability before placing deposit will not be entertained. Nonetheless, if item pre-ordered isn't available, deposit is fully refundable. Luxpurse appreciates your understanding:)*

This price list is ONLY valid for THIS PRE-ORDER ONLY due to possible price adjustment by Balenciaga or exchange rate fluctuation.

First ------------------S$1560
Giant First -----------S$2150
City -------------------S$1990
Giant City ------------S$2250
Giant City Covered-- S$2360
Work ------------------S$1880
Giant Work -----------S$2360
Covered Giant Work- S$2500
Part Time -------------S$1830
Giant Part Time ------S$2280


  1. Hi, was wondering if u know the price for the balenciage bracelet? im very interested thanks

    do drop me an email pauline_neo@live.com.sg

  2. may i know if you will be conducting another preorder for balenciaga soon.. i just missed this one:(

    I would like to get a black balenciaga pt GGH.thanks!

  3. Hi Pauline, feel free to drop me an email for any enquiries. Right now, the pre-order has closed . I will update the blog pre-order opens again.

  4. Hi Fuglyu,

    Thanks for your interest :) Likewise, I will keep you posted once pre-order is opened again. Feel free to drop me an email at luxpurse@gmail.com to be added to the mailing list .

  5. hi, may i know when the next balenciaga pre order will be? =)

  6. Hi, Next one will be sometime August. But price list will be updated due to price increase and currency fluctuation. :)