Monday, September 26, 2011

Thanks For All Your Support! Beware of SIMILAR URL!

Dear All,

Despite being quiet for a while, we still receive emails regularly from all our dearest customers. That's so sweet of you ladies! Currently, we are in a "hibernating" mode as we are trying to explore possible new business model as well as revamping the entire price list due to the unpredictability of foreign currency exchange rates and the price adjustment by quite a number of brands. We try our best to reply all emails received as soon as we can. Feel free to drop us another reminder email if we are unable to reply you soon enough.

Another issue that we'd like to raise in this post is the emergence of another website that bear similar name i.e (selling replicas) which is totally unrelated to our website, that DOES NOT TOLERATE ANY UNAUTHENTICITY. So, please be careful ladies!

We hope to be able to bring back those dream bags for you again soon. Please bear with our lack of updates for the time being. Thank you!


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