Monday, January 19, 2009

Chanel Classic Jumbo Caviar in Black!

I managed to get hold of one piece of Classic Jumbo Caviar in Black. This is the one and only brand new piece which I have in my personal collection at the moment. Any reader who is keen to make this Black Jumbo Caviar hers, get in touch with me! :)


Description: Chanel, Classic Jumbo, Caviar, Black
Condition: Brand New
Retail Price: SGD 4600
Luxpurse Offers You: SGD 3680 (before Chanel price adjustment)

*As this item is extremely popular, Luxpurse seeks your kind co-operation to reserve it only if you are genuinely interested. This request is to ensure fairness and to avoid dissapointment to other readers who are also genuine and interested. Reservation will be held til 24/01/09, 6 pm (Singapore time). I thank you for your understanding.*


  1. Hi Dearie! Diana here. I want that Jumbo Caviar in Black!! Reserve for me!! I missed the order placement date! I sms/email you already. I dont know if you have roaming or not. So dropyou another message here. Remember to reserve for me ok?? Thanks!!!!!

  2. Hi Diana, I am suffering from severe jet lag over here in London:( Bad news for you; the bag is already reserved by another customer already half an hour before you text me. I will try my very best to help you source for another one within these few days but I am not absolutely optimistic on the availability. Keep you posted. :)

  3. Oh no! So fast?? :( Boh pian...Have to pre-order in the next round then.Let me know if that customer decides not to buy *sigh* Thought I could have a new, new Chanel for CNY.

  4. please can you tell me were i can buy this bag please,,,?