Monday, January 5, 2009

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I contact you?

Our email address is . Kindly read the following before emailing me.

*Please do not email us with the intention to buy and resell for profit or to conduct price-check in pricing your own merchandise. Our bags are meant for bag lovers who are keen to own these pretty bags advertised in my blog. Strictly not for commercial purpose. If you are more concerned about how much we am making rather than how much you are saving, you are better off purchasing from boutiques*

2. Can Luxpurse help to bring that dream bag of mine back for me?

We would love to! However, subject to our convenience. Unreasonable request will not be entertained. Bringing your item from abroad will be categorized as pre-ordering. Deposit will be required for pre-ordered bags. When pre-ordering starts, updates will be sent via email or announced in our blog. If your dream bag is out of stock, it is just unfortunate and not our fault. In the event as such, your deposit will be fully refunded. You can also provide an alternative item to purchase should your 1st choice isn't available. Details of pre-ordering will be provided when it starts. If you insist having a box and receipt for your item, please indicate BEFORE placing your order as such preference helps Luxpurse to determine whether to take your order or not due to luggage space constraint. Otherwise, Luxpurse is not obliged to provide AFTER your item is being purchased.

3. Are the pre-ordered items authentic? Where are they being purchased from?

All items are 100% authentic, personally hand-picked and thoroughly checked before they are brought/sent back from abroad. We try out best to pick the best available item at the boutiques but even a brand new one from boutique does not turn out to be absolutely flawless at times. If you have doubts about the authenticity of our bags, kindly do not purchase. At times, some in-stocks/ready stocks are purchased from reliable collectors or our network of business partners/buyers from all over the world especially for stocks that are not found/out of stock locally but with high demand. All in all, these items are authentic. So does it matter if it's from Europe, US, Asia or Africa? :) As it's our trade secret who are business partners are, kindly do not insist on wanting us to disclose who our partners are and where our bags come from. If you are interested in the business, email us and we can explore possibilities of partnership.

4. What is the procedure in order to get that dream bag of mine to be brought home from abroad?

Procedure is simple! Should you have further enquiries, kindly drop us an email to provide clear description of the item that interest you. Part of the procedure is already explained in 2.

5. Can I make reservation / layaway?

Yes. Kindly reserve only if you are certain. Reservation will be released after 48 hours if no confirmation is received. Confirmation of reservation comes in the form of deposit. Layaway is given on case by case basis. Once layaway plan starts, change of item is not permitted unless there is another buyer to take over the initial item.

*For those who MIA/do not respond to emails/sms after reservation, you will no longer be entertained for future reservation/order as such act of unthoughtfulness can affect the others who are genuinely keen and cause others to wait much longer than required.*

6. I saw some items in your blog which interest me. Can I purchase?

Most items posted in the blog are all from our personal collection which have never been used and are available for sale to readers and friends who are keen. However, we reserve every right to decline offers made to us in the event that we can't bear to part with them. Having said that, it is best to email me for further discussion. :) Certain items under the pre-loved corners belong to others. Hence, sales & purchase of those items are subjected to negotiation with the owners. Luxpurse does not guarantee the authenticity of items posted for other owners.

7. How is your price like compare to the local boutiques?

Definitely lower! This is not a commercial site to mass-sell designer bags. We only have limited pieces of items in each batch of our own collection everytime we return from abroad.

8. Can you reduce your price?

No. Why? Please refer to 6. Our bags are priced much lower than retail price and they are our precious. So please do not ask for "best price". There is no urgency to sell.

9. How do I make payment and how do I collect my item?

For payment details, kindly drop me an email. Venue for collection will definitely be somewhere public and will only be notified once your item arrives.

10. Can I exchange/refund items/deposit?

No. Please refer to 3 and 5. Please think carefully before placing your order. Once deposit is placed, it will be refunded only on basis where item is unavailable or unauthentic (which will never happen). As bags are brought/sent all the way back from abroad, sometimes it's unavoidable to have some very minor damages here and there especially on the box. If that makes you uncomfortable, kindly do not place your order. Once items are collected, strictly no refund. Thanks for your understanding in order to make the entire process as smooth and pleasant as possible.


  1. Hey Hey! Just got to know from Yee you have set up a blog! Good la..easier for us to know what new stocks you have. Keep the Trevi GM for me!! Will call you soon!! Gong Xi Fa Cai!! =) Doreen

  2. Hi Doreen, you missed the tea party! Okey, I will reserve it for you. Let me know asap if you decide not to take it. i have a customer enquiring about Trevi GM too. Need to respond to her asap... hope to see you soon!

  3. Lovely bag! Thank you, luxpurse!

  4. By the way, I was at the gathering with ZOey. bought the pink prada from you. :)

  5. Hi, just sent you some questions. Please reply. Thank you