Sunday, March 22, 2009

A break from bag

Dear Readers,

I am bag! I mean, I am back! Just to share with you all some photos taken during the shopping trip. Simply love shopping here so, so much! I would like to visit here again and again and again...

Sussex Garden, a stone's throw from where I stayed.

View from my window
Need I say more what are these for :)


  1. happy you r back safely cos you so r so in 'danger' carrying all those wonderful baggies!!

    Very nice scenery out there...always like the atmosphere there, giving a very R&R feel. =P

  2. haha..thanks...yeah, looks quite r&r but very physically demanding indeed having to handle so many of "them". I think I should consider changing the name from "Luxpurse" to "Lugspurses" :)

  3. Thanks, am so tired, still jet-lagging...

  4. Haha, nice pictures! Its a beautiful place.. makes me crave to go!

    P/S: Lugspurses is so APT! :) Hehe. See u soon!

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  6. hey dear, leave your name, can? :) I dont know who is who haha