Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fashion Asia on Channel U

The 1st episode of the 30-minute programme Fashion Asia debutted last night on Channel U, hosted by Felicia Chin. She made a few short interviews with some young, local Singapore fashion designers who introduced their lines of designs and of course, their boutiques which I am sure to visit! In subsequent episodes, these designers will be travelling to a couple Asian cities (Tokyo, Seoul, Hong Kong, Taipei, etc.) together with some local artistes to introduce the latest fashion trends in the region. I am quite looking forward to the upcoming episodes.

I like the concept of "one design, multiple looks", transforming the very same piece of ready-to-wear into different styles. Desmond Yang, who owns the brand Abyzz, demonstrated how a simple-looking tote bag can be transformed into a skirt and an overall. Most importantly, not compromising the style and wearability!

Another two designers featured were the multi-award winning designer Alfie and Keith who owns the label MU and KOOPS respectively. There are a few pieces of dress from KOOPS that I would love to own!

Love the details of the bow and structured ruffles.

Up-fold / Down-fold of the collar creates a day and night look! I wish to have this to wear to work but prefer it in ivory though. This piece of Keith Png's creation looks much better than in this photo!

If you are also aware of the local show biz scene, perhaps you may be interested to know that Fann Wong's ROM gown is designed by Keith too!

Where to find these boutiques?

Isetan Scotts
350 Orchard Road
Level 2, Shaw House

MU Boutique
The Heeren
260 Orchard Road, #0408B/C

"Hide and Seek"
22B Hong Kong Street

Photo credit: Keith Png


  1. Hi...!!!! Long time no hear from you, i also like the dress which the collar can up-fold and down-fold...but so exx, $300++

  2. how are you Jeron!!?? I've been hibernating..haha.. Yeah, need to touch and feel the material before deciding whether it's worth the $$ or not.. From the programme, the ivory colour one was really nice!